My version of PrintPDF Plugin

Download only the changed files from HERE

1 – Different layout, you can check out the layout of my version here

2 – You can set up to 3 custom fields to show in pdf.

3 – If you have my Shortener Plugin, you can use your personal shorted url in pdf (Require at least Shortener Plugin version 1.0.1).

4 – You can set to always show user email or only if the user choose to show it when he published the ad.

5 – Added the languages folder.


Is better and faster download the plugin from OsClass Market, then [url=]download only the changed files from HERE [/url](NOTE: IF YOU DOWNLOAD THE FULL VERSION FROM HERE, YOU DON’T NEED THE CHANGED FILES), unzip the folder, upload the files in PrintPDF plugin’s folder, finally install the plugin. If you have the plugin already installed, you don’t need to uninstall, just upload the files in plugin folder, but remember to delete the saved pdf files from oc-content/uploads/printpdf folder to create a new pdf with my version of plugin.


I saw that many people had problems to make the plugin work (also myself). I finally understood that is a folders permissions problem. Sometime, when you install the plugin (i have no idea why), it change the permissions of oc-content/plugins folder (sometime also others folders in oc-content) to 777, if this is your case too, set back the permissions to 755 and everything should work fine.


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